New Homes 2014

Flagship UK Police initiative Secured by Design has launched New Homes 2014 to aid developers, architects and planners of houses and apartments. The guide sits alongside Secured by Design's other guidance documents and aims to promote best practice solutions to 'design out crime' in new homes.

The design guide is free to download and is available on the Secured by Design website and includes guidance on; layout, target hardening, boundary treatments and landscaping. It also details the current standards required by ACPO Secured by Design and the Police services and complements the Secured by Design Principles and Design Guides, which can also be found on the site.

The requirements and recommendations within New Homes are based upon verified research and have been proven to achieve a reduction in crime risk of up to 60%. The document can be found here. New Homes 2014 is a Secured by Design guidance document.