Who We Are

Who We Are

Design for Security is a design-led crime prevention consultancy based within Greater Manchester Police. The practice specialises in design-led crime prevention in the built environment.

We are a small team of professionals with backgrounds in planning, surveying, design and the development industry, and are accredited by the National Police Improvement Agency (NPIA) to deliver crime prevention, and ‘designing out crime’ advice. Everyone is entitled to live in a well-designed, safe environment where the quality of life for individuals and communities is not undermined by crime or the fear of crime.

What We Do

We work with local authorities, housing associations, architects, landscape architects, planning consultants and developers to support the production of designs that address crime and security issues and minimise future opportunities for offenders.

We bring an added perspective to a design team, one that:

  • Understands the competing considerations and trade-offs involved in design decision-making
  • Ensures balanced advice and intelligence-led solutions that relate to a development’s context
  • Supports innovation and creative thinking

RIBA Plan of Work - Design For Security Overlay

For further information on when to consult Design for Security, please see our RIBA Plan of Work – Design for Security Overlay