CIS Application

It is most beneficial to include us as early as possible in the design process. This allows crime prevention to be effectively integrated into the overall development.

The Crime Impact Statement (CIS) can be produced from a simple red edge plan, however, if there is any other supporting documentation e.g. concept plans, elevations, 3D visuals, we encourage you to submit them with your CIS application.

Following completion of the CIS we should be notified of any subsequent revisions to the proposals that may impact on the security of the development. For instance, after any changes made following consultation with the local planning authority.

Please complete the following application form, and return the completed form with the necessary file attachments to:

NB. We prefer to receive digital drawings in PDF format.

We look forward to hearing from you,

The Design for Security Team

RIBA Plan of Work - Design For Security Overlay

For further information on when to consult Design for Security, please see our RIBA Plan of Work – Design for Security Overlay