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The ‘Crime Impact Statement’ (CIS) is an award-winning risk appraisal, and the end result of the consultation and evaluation process undertaken by Design for Security. The CIS pulls together both the environmental factors and crime risk of a particular site, and provides bespoke design-led recommendations as a result driving demand reduction.

Introduced in 2006 to Greater Manchester areas, the CIS process involves identifying, predicting, evaluating and mitigating the opportunity for crime and disorder to occur in a proposed development, at the beginning of the design process – prior to planning decisions and other commitments being made.

Design for Security’s Crime Impact Statement service can be provided to architects, designers and planning consultants across the country, and can be carried out for any proposal regardless of size, use and location.

The purpose of the CIS is to ensure that key members of the design team fully consider the potential for crime, disorder and the fear of crime, so that a development can be designed and detailed accordingly.

Your planning authority may require a CIS to be submitted with any application, in accordance with their local validation checklist. It is most beneficial and effective if the CIS is undertaken at the earliest opportunity in the planning and design process.